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Helping Children Recover With Quality Care

A Child’s Second Home

Hidden Cove Residential Treatment Center is a residential treatment in Texas that provides 24-hour care and supervision( Region 3B). We strengthen children, families, and communities through healing, teaching,  playing and in worship.

Our home is a safe haven specifically intended for children who have been severely abused and neglected. We provide treatment services, medication management and therapeutic services. Hidden Cove will use a combination treatment model that consist of  sanctuary treatment model, concepts, and framework from TBRI. Aside from this, we will also be utilizing a cognitive model and several life skills curriculum from ACCI.

Youth receive clinical care and  daily support from our clinical team and direct care staff until a forever home can be found where they can thrive for a lifetime.

Do you know anyone who might need our help? Contact us to learn more about what we do.

Releasing Trauma From the Young

No one is invulnerable, but children subjected to physical and emotional pain can suffer from severe trauma. Our goal is to create a stable foundation on which they can rebuild their trust in others and make a fresh start with their newfound family.

We provide the highest standard of care that includes the application of techniques from social learning, insight, and attachment theories. This helps address the youth’s emotional disturbances.

Criteria for Admission

We accept individuals who are diagnosed by a mental health professional as seriously emotionally disturbed, based on the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Anyone who has a poor prognosis for success at a lower level of treatment also qualifies as a resident in our treatment center. They must have funding available for their treatment, be covered by health insurance, and be admitted by an individual authorized to give us physical custody of the youth.

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